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Singapore Dollars: 1.511 , Hong Kong Dollars: 7.819 , Malaysia Ringgits: 3.409 , Euro: 0.723 , British Pound : 0.485 , Australia Dollars: 1.134 , Canada Dollars: 1.046 , Switzerland Francs: 1.199Japan Yen: 121.024




Cambodia Riel 4093 4098
Korean Won 0.001113 0.001060
Taiwan Dollar 0.031857 0.030340
Euro 1.333395 1.269900
British Pound 1.980930 1.886600

Note: The rates are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest location for confirmation. For currency Exchange.






Deposit Accounts


Saving Account

Saving Account is designed to facilitate safekeeping of your money and also enable you to receive inward transfer of money from oversea or in local and other outward transfer of money. In addition, your money in saving account can be withdrawn at anytime. You will find our specialty and satisfaction.

Current Account

Current Account is established to meet your need in running your daily operation related to financial activities with fast service. Even though you are an individual, corporate entity, or a project, you will need to efficiently manage your case. Accurate and speedy transactions are processed to make your business on the top.                                                                  

Fixed Deposit

Booyoung Khmer Bank (BKB) is a secure and reliable place that you can save your money. Opening fixed deposit account with BKB is the best choice for you since you will receive an attractive interest rate on it. This account is set for a wide range of terms                                                                           


Fund Transfer

Provides international and domestic money transfers including Telegraphic Transfer.

Collection Account Service

A collection account is an account that caters for corporate customers who have a high volume of deposits from their clients for e.g. buyers and their account requires trailer information for every deposit made into the collection account.


Payroll Service

Our BKB offer both individual account and corporate account for payroll service and cut down the risk from bulk physical cash for customer from places to places to pay to their employees.


Foreign Exchange

We accept encashment of all major Travelers' Cheques and Currency Exchange for major currencies


Credit Facilities

Offers Overdraft, Term Loan, Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan.

Trade Financing

Import letter of Credit

  • Issuing Letter of Credit
  • Amendments to letter of Credit

                    to tenor
                    to amount

  • Commission Settlement
  • Confirmation

Export Letter of Credit

  • Confirmation Commission
  • Pre-advising Letter of Credit
  • Advising Letter of Credit
  • Advising Amendments
  • Transfer Commission (Full or partial)
  • Negotiation Commission or Collection Commission
  • Intervention Commission
  •  (when L/C notified through our bank by another bank)
  • Reimbursement Commission


Documentary Collection

      Outward bill for collection

  • Document against payment/acceptance
  • Protest bill of exchange
  • Clean Cheque for collection


Inward Bill For Collection

  • Document against Payment/Acceptance
  • Clean Cheque for collection



  • Issuance
  • Issuance of shipping guarantee
  • Amendment

Cash Management


  • Cerification of account balance
  • Cheque Certification