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Singapore Dollars: 1.511 , Hong Kong Dollars: 7.819 , Malaysia Ringgits: 3.409 , Euro: 0.723 , British Pound : 0.485 , Australia Dollars: 1.134 , Canada Dollars: 1.046 , Switzerland Francs: 1.199Japan Yen: 121.024




Cambodia Riel 4098 4096
Korean Won 382 378
Taiwan Dollar 140 138
Euro 5,576 5,521
British Pound 6,608 6,543

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Dear customers.

I would like to thank customers and shareholders for the valuable patronage and the strong support you have given us all these years.

In 2013, while the global economy is still expected to undergo downward, the economy in Cambodia shows another remarkable growth driven by resilient exports, tourism, and strong recovery in real estate sector. Accordingly, Banking sector is, like past several years, forecasted that all banks will set up more aggressive expand strategy competitively.  

As a consequence, Booyoung Khmer Bank will inevitably face over highly emulous market with squeezed profit margins and heightened risk in credit as well as operation like other Cambodian banks.

However, we will conduct thorough risk management, maximize cost efficiency, and optimize revenue structures to generate sustainable growth so it will redirect crisis into new opportunities and eventually take a greater leap from the year 2013.

We will facilitate special effort to ensure that Booyoung Khmer Bank becomes a Premier financial services provider by supplying and creating customized products for Cambodian Customer. We will secure future growth engines by pushing ourselves further to expand net-works in prominent areas. We will create synergy effects through harmonization between subsidiary companies such as Camintel, Booyoug Khmer, and Siemreap Booyoung Country Club of Booyoung Group. Furthermore, the expertise of individual staff members, as well as the quality of all our products and services will be upgraded to meet our customers‘ unique financial needs.

Lastly, Booyoung Khmer Bank will continue to contribute to the economic growth of Cambodia through the well-organized corporations between bank and Booyoung Khmer which is planning to construct "Booyoung Town" with 17,000 units of condos and houses on the future landmark of Phnom Penh City.

With the support of our customers, we will work hard and become a premier financial service provider that gives hopes and dreams to our customers throughout the year.

 As we strive to present greater profits and happiness to our customers, I sincerely ask for your continuous encouragement and support to fulfill our vision.

Please accept my warm wishes for your health, happiness and prosperity throughout the year.


Thank you.



President and CEO
Booyoung Khmer Bank
Phnom Penh, Cambodia