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Singapore Dollars: 1.511 , Hong Kong Dollars: 7.819 , Malaysia Ringgits: 3.409 , Euro: 0.723 , British Pound : 0.485 , Australia Dollars: 1.134 , Canada Dollars: 1.046 , Switzerland Francs: 1.199Japan Yen: 121.024




Cambodia Riel 4098 4096
Korean Won 382 378
Taiwan Dollar 140 138
Euro 5,576 5,521
British Pound 6,608 6,543

Note: The rates are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest location for confirmation. For currency Exchange.




Booyoung Khmer Bank's goal is to provide professional quality and efficiency of services and products and generate large profits for our clients. Moreover, our goal is not only to create our services and products that satisfy our customers, but at the same time being the improvement of the economy in Cambodia especially in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap province.




Booyoung Khmer Bank has set up its core values that will lead us to be a premier   financial service provider in Cambodia. We welcome all of our customers with respect, integrity, diligence, relationship, and commitment.