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Singapore Dollars: 1.511 , Hong Kong Dollars: 7.819 , Malaysia Ringgits: 3.409 , Euro: 0.723 , British Pound : 0.485 , Australia Dollars: 1.134 , Canada Dollars: 1.046 , Switzerland Francs: 1.199Japan Yen: 121.024




Cambodia Riel 4098 4096
Korean Won 382 378
Taiwan Dollar 140 138
Euro 5,576 5,521
British Pound 6,608 6,543

Note: The rates are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest location for confirmation. For currency Exchange.

The grand opening ceremony of Booyoung Khmer Bank
BOOYOUNG KHMER BANK is the 22nd Commercial Bank in Cambodia and the 3rd Commercial Bank in range of 100 %
Capital from Korea. This bank established at the time that banking sector in Cambodia is rapidly progressing both
its size and extend of operation in these following years; especially, at the time that Cambodia’s economy has been
developing, stabilizing, and increasing over the expectation. The coming of Booyoung Khmer Bank into Cambodian Market
at this time illustrates confidence of Korean investor on banking sector in Cambodia.
BOOYOUNG donated 3 million USD
The Korean Ambassador stated that these 6 following years, Cambodia economy has increased by 10 % based on
peacefully political stability. Korea and Cambodia have tied good relationship over this course of 10 years.
Booyoung Co., Ltd has been the first leading company on apartment and house construction for 20 years in Korea,
which is currently improving considerably in the 21st century and it is a model company that circulate its profit back
to society. Certainly in Cambodia, Booyoung donated 3 million USD to reform the education system in Cambodia and
7 millions USD for constructing 300 schools in Cambodia.